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  Mobilizing Medical Professionals
 Who Serve People in Need Globally

Our goal is to mobilize medical professionals for missions.  We aim to become a viable source of missions information. We hope to provide you with the right opportunity at the right time.   We can help you determine the best fit for you and your talents and interests.  We offer the following links to sites where you can discover many opportunities to impact the world for Christ. 

Call Ron at 615-238-4035 for specialized counseling/ encouragement (coaching) and suggested resources.  

Visit our Mission Opportunities page for more detailed information about some great opportunities with recommended organizations.

The main resource for finding a mission opportunity is Mission Finder which is at  Click on medical or dental or other related categories.  

Living Hope Community Center - South Africa  

Medical Mission Opportunities

Medical Ministry Intl. (MMI)

Medical Missions Response (MMR)


PCA - Mission to the World (MTW) Mission Conference  

Project MedSend 

Faith Family Medical Clinic - Nashville, TN

Siloam Family Health Center - Nashville, TN

Remote Area Medical (RAM)